junio 25, 2010

How I miss the blue bird song…

How I miss. I miss your laugh, your warmth, your Jokes, your Smell. I cry every day. At breakfast, at dinner, while I do the dishes. I see The Little Mermaid and cry during the whole movie cause every second reminds me of when we used to sing along. It’s 5:30 am …cant sleep. I miss you. I miss how you got mad at me for not helping, I miss you showing me how to bake, how to clean , how to fall out of love. I can’t replace you, I can’t forget you. I feel your presence when I sit down. I feel mad because I wish you were here, I take everything back, I take everything back, I want you here. I hope it does exist, I truly hope it’s real, because I need to be with you again. I need to know that you got something better, that I’ll get to be with you so you can sing to me once more.

Picture from animation "Castle in the sky"

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Anónimo dijo...

Dear Sugarworm : Letting go could be a cutting vein situation if the relationship is a strong bonded one. Is even harder if the original rupture is intended to be terminal due to some capricious optimism that the grass is greener on some other pasture. It is in the give and take of the remembrances of times bygone that one recapture the happiness enjoyed then and the space left by the departure of the still beloved. No analysis can't fill the void of what once filled up and stimulated one's senses and existence. Colinazo.