agosto 20, 2010

Hard Snow

Words spoken ended the war

Broke the fantasy

Killed the soldier unarmed

Words unspoken destroyed the peace

Confusion in ecstasy's

Only emptiness exist

In the cry of the wounded

Is the end of one era

Rulling the anarchy and chaos

Sacrificing the dreamers

Living a lie is all that is left

For all the hopeless lovers

2 comentarios:

Tercer Piso dijo...

Hi Lulu! Your poem is as sad as reality itself. However, I think as a "hopeless lover" on occasions living a lie its not all that's left, I like to live the truth of a good writer, as you are, the truth of a good friend as some I have, the truth of the Sun or the Moon who are my companions so many times. Thank you Lulu for your art.

Lulu dijo...

Thank you so much