agosto 07, 2010

Ragged Doll

Useless Ragged Little Doll
Open your eyes
Dry your tears
See the truth

Stupid Useless Doll
All cover in dust
Foolish fool
Why don’t you see the truth?

Broken Ragged Little Doll
Are you still numb?
He doesn’t care
He didn’t care
Please see the truth

Teary Eye Little Doll
Get up from the floor
Heal your wounds
Stop calling him
He won’t come… he won’t come

5 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

All along history, more specifically in the world of art, the comparison of the physicality of a woman to that of a raggedy doll has been the subject of innumerable works in the world literatures and, most recently, in the area of art installations or "performatics". In all of them women are depicted as fragile creatures suffering at the hands of abusive "machista" men. Given the pliable nature of a human relationship, especially the one between a man and a woman, as it is folded and bended is bound to break at some point in its existence. In the poem the rag doll carries the burden of her physical and emotional suffering and the humilliating resignation to being rejected without even getting a verbal answer to the many queries she had posted to her "beloved."

Anónimo dijo...

Esto necesitábamos na voz en Inglés, para que con su poesía de otra forma a este foro. Gracias Lulu
La Chela

Kayla S. dijo...

Lulu...Qué puedo decir... I feel like the Ragged Little Doll... I loved the poem. Good job, thank you for sharing.

Anónimo dijo...

¡Bienvenida Lulu!
Te unes a las voces bilingues del blog: Sugarworm, Lluvia Simón y Maria Elena.
Un abrazo ovariano,
Tercer Piso

Lulu dijo...

Thank you