octubre 19, 2010

To never forget the feel of cotton

To never forget the feel of cotton

I must have taken 1,000 deep breaths for my skin to record that emptiness. I never seemed to notice how I skip 3 days every month .I disappear completely. Always avoiding to deal  with existence outside my corpus, but my skin makes sure to remind me every month of the pain of letting  my soul go completely.
 Have you ever taken a second to scream? I mean to really leave it all on the table? You scream from so deep in to your core that you end up feeling empty and numb. That’s what I did,  I screamed for  seven hours, so long  that my skin remembers the feel of the nothing . Now I try to breathe every day and hope that one day my soul will forgive and my skin forget that  I  not only lost my mother but that  I lost myself to. 

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Anónimo dijo...

As soon as I read the last line I knew who had written it. I also know what you're going thru. Its not easy, never has been, never will be. We love you like the daughter we've always wanted and never had. We are with you always.